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SunvAI | AI-based Tool for Consumer Complaints

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AI-powered Assistive Tool for Consumer complaints and resolution

SunvAI.in is India’s 1st AI-powered Assistive Tool for Consumers conforming to July 2020 enforcement of Consumer Protection Act 2019 — Patent Pending. SunvAI is the recipient of the GIPC Award 2020 for Innovation and IP. Founder of SunvAI, Recipient of the “51 Fabulous Global Smart Cities Leaders Award 2020”, Anvita Bajpai is an IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore alumna, with about 16+ years of experience with MNCs and Startups.

SunvAI’s vision is to create AI-powered solutions focused on a sustainable future. SunvAI’s consumer solution aligns with Goal #16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

When to use the tool

Who can use this tool?

  1. A Citizen with Consumer Complaint
  2. Consumer Lawyer
  3. Voluntary Consumer Organisations

PS: We have built generic DeepTech APIs that could also be customised for other industry use-cases.

Our survey highlighted that people face about 5 problems per year, and most of them are consumer issues, and it is challenging for people to find the correct and up-to-date information quickly for handling their issues. Our assistive solution helps the user understand the validity of his/her consumer complaint and how he/she should go about it’s resolution.

An interactive tool VICA assists the user with Self-Validation of his/her consumer issue in India. The tool also be used for Self-Generation of legal notice, searching Indian consumer law using plain English queries and general know-how about filing complaint; and Completing-the-Loop feature helps user to find external sources of information for further execution.

The solutions are currently offered as a free pre-launch beta