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Dunzo: On-Demand Service

The best part about living in a city is the convenience of having food delivered to your doorstep. Whether you are too lazy to...
Flexibees - Flexible hiring solutions for women

FlexiBees: Three Musketeers Changing the Rules of Hiring

We caught up with FlexiBees - a venture started by three women - Shreya Prakash, Deepa Narayanswamy, and Rashmi Rammohan, all batchmates from IIMB...
Rural School in Sunderbans

Kishalay Foundation: Transforming Rural Education in the Sunderbans

Biplab Das spent his early childhood in rural India and has personally experienced the difficulties of a rural student. He realized that the quality...

Instoried | Focus on Emotions and AI in the Content Industry

Content writing has witnessed a huge growth in the Indian market over the last few years. According to research conducted by SEMrush that focused...
Entrepreneurial Failures

Learnings from Entrepreneurial Failures –Perspectives from Across the World

All of us thrive off success. Succeeding makes us unbelievably happy (and cocky), and reading stories about successful entrepreneurs always make us feel like...


Magichive | Workshops on NVC and Parenting Skills

Working with parents and children since 2006. We hold workshops to develop a deep understanding of the world of children. We are also focused on Non-violent communication and mindfulness.

Interview Cracker | Sales Staff Hiring for Startups and MSMEs

We are focused on providing hassle-free, skilled, affordable, and trained freshers for sales and business development functions for Startups and MSMEs.

Pikkol | One-Stop Solution For All Relocation Services

Pikkol, is India’s first and the largest technology centric relocation service provider that lets customers craft a tailor-made solution for their relocation needs.

MIPL | Security & IT Consulting Company

MIPL is a security & IT consulting company offering sustainable and solutions for security management and eGovernance with an ability to design and implement large, complex and integrated projects.

SunvAI | AI-based Tool for Consumer Complaints

SunvAI.in is India's 1st AI-powered Assistive Tool for Consumers conforming to July 2020 enforcement of Consumer Protection Act 2019. Tool for citizens, consumer lawyers, and voluntary consumer organizations.


Tools, Outputs, and Customer Needs

NextFirst: Driving Digital Transformation Through Future-Ready Automation

Robotics & Automation in India – Following the footsteps of a pioneer Well before the current buzz around automation, Veena Radhakrishna took to the factory...

Skit: Multilingual Chatbots Platform

Have you ever wondered how your favorite app, website, or software was created? What inspired the founders and developers to build it in the...

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