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TagBox Supply Chain

TagBox | Making Cold Supply Chain Smarter and Reliable

Developing and managing robust cold chain infrastructure for the storage and shipment of sensitive commodities is the need of the hour. The positive traction...
Flexibees - Flexible hiring solutions for women

FlexiBees: Three Musketeers Changing the Rules of Hiring

We caught up with FlexiBees - a venture started by three women - Shreya Prakash, Deepa Narayanswamy, and Rashmi Rammohan, all batchmates from IIMB...
Vahak Founders

Vahak| Disrupting the Transport Business in India

Ubiquitous on Indian roads, the importance of trucks spans far beyond just goods transportation. Contributing around 4.5-5 per cent of the GDP, the Indian...

Tarrakki | Wealth Management and Investment Advisory Services

The year 2021 looks promising for wealth management. According to data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India, the sector added over 81...
Successful startups examples

4 Thriving Indian Startups That Will Motivate You to Propel Forward

If you are looking for innovative startups that have grown into large ventures or startups that have the potential to disrupt large players, India...


3 skills to help generate new ideas

After identifying customer needs by using the Customer-Action-Cycle framework, the entrepreneur or marketer is likely to sit down with the team to explore ideas...

Tools, Outputs, and Customer Needs

Eye-D: When the Mission Drives Innovation

Gaurav Mittal never thought he would become an entrepreneur. Neither did he have any idea about how difficult the lives of visually impaired people...

Skit: Multilingual Chatbots Platform

Have you ever wondered how your favorite app, website, or software was created? What inspired the founders and developers to build it in the...

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