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Sportz Village - Sports Education in India

Sportz Village: Professionalising Sports Education in India

Schools are aware of the importance of sports in children’s overall development, and weekly physical education classes are mandated in every school in India....
Reema Transport

Reema Transport | Women in Logistics and Transport – Breaking Barriers

The logistics industry, once male-dominated, now has women making significant contributions as leaders and disruptors in the past decade, with patriarchs of some established...
Nanosafe solutions - Masks

Nanosafe Solutions: The 15-Day Design-to-Sale Challenge That Brought People Together

If not for despair, what else would a new entrepreneur feel when the country goes into complete lockdown just a few months after she...

Gram Oorja: Micro-Grids Transforming Lives of Remote Communities

Vanvasi is a tribal hamlet located just 100 km north of Mumbai. It falls under the Khadaki village in Palaghar district in Maharashtra. It...
TagBox Supply Chain

TagBox | Making Cold Supply Chain Smarter and Reliable

Developing and managing robust cold chain infrastructure for the storage and shipment of sensitive commodities is the need of the hour. The positive traction...


MIPL | Security & IT Consulting Company

MIPL is a security & IT consulting company offering sustainable and solutions for security management and eGovernance with an ability to design and implement large, complex and integrated projects.

SunvAI | AI-based Tool for Consumer Complaints

SunvAI.in is India's 1st AI-powered Assistive Tool for Consumers conforming to July 2020 enforcement of Consumer Protection Act 2019. Tool for citizens, consumer lawyers, and voluntary consumer organizations.

Pikkol | One-Stop Solution For All Relocation Services

Pikkol, is India’s first and the largest technology centric relocation service provider that lets customers craft a tailor-made solution for their relocation needs.

Magichive | Workshops on NVC and Parenting Skills

Working with parents and children since 2006. We hold workshops to develop a deep understanding of the world of children. We are also focused on Non-violent communication and mindfulness.

Interview Cracker | Sales Staff Hiring for Startups and MSMEs

We are focused on providing hassle-free, skilled, affordable, and trained freshers for sales and business development functions for Startups and MSMEs.


Plaeto: Customizable Footwear

Plaeto, a new customizable footwear company, has launched in Bangalore with some big names behind it. Former executives from Nike and Apple are among...

Tools, Outputs, and Customer Needs

Top 4 Emerging Agritech Companies in Africa

Agriculture technology is a relatively small but rapidly developing segment of the startup economy. The agritech sector in India had only 43 startups until...

Desserto: Artificial leather made of Cactus leaves

Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez from Mexico have created plant-based sustainable artificial leather that uses cactus as raw material. After extensive research and...

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