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Groww | Making Financial Investing Super Easy

Groww is a startup that was established in 2016 by four individuals, Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Ishan Bansal, and Neeraj Singh- all of whom...
Vahak Founders

Vahak| Disrupting the Transport Business in India

Ubiquitous on Indian roads, the importance of trucks spans far beyond just goods transportation. Contributing around 4.5-5 per cent of the GDP, the Indian...

Nykaa | Platform for Makeup and Personal Care

The global beauty industry has always attracted an audience, regardless of age and generation. After all, cosmetics and skincare have been every girl’s most-used...
Sleepy Panda Matresses

SleepyPanda| Affordable Comfy Mattresses

Over the past year, almost every Indian business/industry has undergone disruptions, even in those in which not much innovation was expected -- such as...
Starups from Australia

Top 4 Exciting Startups from Australia

Australia, a huge country, houses a small population and is famous for its beautiful tourist spots. However, that’s not it- the incredible ecosystem and...


Pikkol | One-Stop Solution For All Relocation Services

Pikkol, is India’s first and the largest technology centric relocation service provider that lets customers craft a tailor-made solution for their relocation needs.

SunvAI | AI-based Tool for Consumer Complaints is India's 1st AI-powered Assistive Tool for Consumers conforming to July 2020 enforcement of Consumer Protection Act 2019. Tool for citizens, consumer lawyers, and voluntary consumer organizations.

Interview Cracker | Sales Staff Hiring for Startups and MSMEs

We are focused on providing hassle-free, skilled, affordable, and trained freshers for sales and business development functions for Startups and MSMEs.

MIPL | Security & IT Consulting Company

MIPL is a security & IT consulting company offering sustainable and solutions for security management and eGovernance with an ability to design and implement large, complex and integrated projects.

Magichive | Workshops on NVC and Parenting Skills

Working with parents and children since 2006. We hold workshops to develop a deep understanding of the world of children. We are also focused on Non-violent communication and mindfulness.


Disruptive Innovation by Clayton Christensen

Ever since it was coined in the mid-1990s by the Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, the theory of disruptive innovation has had an enormous influence...

Tools, Outputs, and Customer Needs

Udaan | A B2B Trade Platform’s Flight to Success

Udaan is an all-inclusive trade platform that operates on the business-to-business (B2B) model. It brings together manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and traders from all parts...

Altered | Innovative Swedish Company that Saves Water

Climate change and water stress are not single solution problems. They are not problems that will be solved by one great solution. It will...

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