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Parenting and Non-violent communication-based workshops for adults focused on parents and children.Subha Parthasarathy, (m) 9342133490, subha@magichive.in
Bengaluru / Online workshopswww.magichive.in

Magichive is a counselling, training, and life-skilling centre located in Bengaluru that is focused on parents and children. It was founded by Subha Parthasarathy in 2009 and has been doing transformative work that has helped thousands of parents and children lead a peaceful and enriching life. The core belief is that there is magic in each one of us that needs to be recognized and nurtured through empathy, compassion, and love.

Magichive also aims to improve the understanding and communication between an adult and a child through a deeper understanding and implementation of the ideas inspired by non-violent communication (a practice and tool developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg).

Services that we offer

We work with parents, teachers, and children to facilitate deeper understanding of the world of children. We also work with schools and corporates.

Training workshops for adults

We hold the following programs as open workshops. We also take one-off sessions at corporates on multiple topics related to parenting and kids. We have held corporate sessions in Infosys, Infosys BPO, Northern Trust, IIMB, Cap Gemini, St. Joseph, etc. and in many schools and colleges too. Our open workshops are usually limited to 12 participants per cohort and have participants from across the world.

Chetana: The Parenting Workshop

We have been conducting a 10-sessions parenting workshop called “Chetana” since 2009 that focuses on multiple aspects of understanding the world of children. Parenting is a life-long journey and the objective is to make the journey enriching instead of attempting to find solutions to every problem.

Non-Violent Communication

We focus on promoting empathetic communication that minimizes the use of life-alienating language and encourages communication that helps nurture oneself and others. This can help enrich the bond between parents and children. The practice of these skills can improve adult-to-adult communication thus resulting in promoting a compassionate and encouraging environment in the office too.

Post-session Support: Once a person attends the NVC or Chetana program, he or she can attend any future workshop for FREE. We also have WA support groups for participants that provide a safe place where people support each other in their journey of life. We also do follow up sessions to ensure participants have a space for continuous sharing and learning.

Programs for Kids

We have been holding year-long life skills classes for children since 2007. These sessions are held at our centre in JP Nagar 7th phase in Bengaluru.


Our one-on-one counselling sessions for parents facilitate the process of understanding thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and their causes. We also work with children wherever necessary. We have spent thousands of hours with parents and children and are still learning to understand ourselves and others.

Any recognitions and awards

Our biggest reward is when someone calls up to let us know that we have made a difference in his or her life. This motivates us to continue doing what we are doing. Even our corporate and outreach programs have happened largely through word-of-mouth. Our program participants are also largely through referrals and we have not had the need to advertise our services as yet!

We were invited for a session on FM Rainbow and published a coffee table book titled “Verses for better” in a collaborative effort with Wunderman Thomson, the advertising agency. The book was nominated for two national-level Kyoorious awards for creativity in 2019.

About the Founder

Subha Parthasarathy has been working with children, parents, and adults for the past 14 years. Her workshops are centred around increasing self-awareness and equipping participants with tools and insights that can help them lead an enriching life. Mindfulness and Non-Violent Communication form the cornerstones of the work she does.

Subha has worked in various modalities of therapy such as NLP, NVC, CBT, Gestalt, Movement, Transactional Analysis, Play therapy, and Mindfulness-based interventions. She is also a Reiki Master. She combines different interventions based on what is likely to work in a specific situation.

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