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Welcome to the Course

To evolve a meaningful business model that can deliver value to the customer, there are two stages of analysis that are required –

Stage 1: To understand value contributors that can help identify the unique value proposition that is perceived as being superior to what customers are currently using to get a job done. You will be introduced to the Value Discovery Canvas in this stage.

Stage 2: With the understanding from Stage 1, formulate a business model that can help to develop a solution, track progress, deliver, and achieve customer outcomes efficiently and effectively. The Value Delivery Model will help in evolving a business model.

I am delighted at your decision to take this course. Customer Value lies at the heart of any business but most marketers and business people find the process of discovering what the customer truly wants unstructured and confusing. It is largely an intuitive process. This course will introduce you to a framework called the Customer-Action-Cycle (CAC) and a tool called the Value Discovery Canvas (VDC) that will introduce the reader to a structured process of discovering customer value. This course is based on the book titled – “How to Discover Customer Value?” that has been written by S.Parthasarathy,

You will be able to create your own VDC and view the VDCs created by others provided the canvas creator has opted to share his or her VDC with others!

The course is focused on the development of a personalized Value Discovery Canvas. Many basic concepts have been explained through brief videos along with examples. For more case studies, it is recommended to purchase the book from Amazon to deepen the understanding of this subject.

The book is available as a Kindle and hardcopy version.

Here are the links –

Amazon.in – Click here – https://rb.gy/zj6txc
Amazon.com – Click here – https://rb.gy/osehxl

Hope you find great value in this course.

Best wishes

Partha, Course Facilitator
Author of “How to Discover Customer Value?”