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TagBox | Making Cold Supply Chain Smarter and Reliable

Developing and managing robust cold chain infrastructure for the storage and shipment of sensitive commodities is the need of the hour. The positive traction and huge potential of the space has encouraged innovators to venture into this domain and develop innovative solutions that can straighten out the stumbling blocks and help optimize cold supply chain and logistics operations.

Tech enthusiasts Adarsh Kumar, Saumitra Singh, and Sameer Singh laid the foundation of TagBox four years ago with the idea of bringing in new innovations aimed at solving the complexities of the cold supply chain ecosystem. If put in simple words, TagBox can be defined as a technology-driven company that aims to seamlessly blend disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make supply chains smarter, resilient and more reliable.

Throwing further light on this, Adarsh Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, TagBox comments, “IoT based data generation, especially for B2C use cases like smart homes and connected devices has created a lot of buzz in the ecosystem in the past few years. We found a void in B2B applications of IoT, especially aimed at creating solutions that traverse the journey from data generation to data processing to insights and finally ability to drive organizational decision making. Through Tagbox, we aim to reshape the way the industry has been looking towards IoT and focus on creating end-to-end solution by combining IoT with ML and AI, to meet the objectives of F&B, E-commerce, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Hi-Tech & Industrial and Manufacturing companies. Our solution addresses three fundamental pillars Product Quality and Compliance, End-to-End Traceability, and Operational Efficiency. Cold chains, by definition, need to optimize all these three dimensions.”

Rooted in Bangalore, TagBox has created the BoxLensTM platform for supply chain monitoring. It comprises of a) Tag360TM Sensors that can monitor parameters like presence, proximity, temperature, humidity, shock and light real-time, b)  TagHubTM Gateway, that reads these sensors and sends data to cloud via GSM or WiFi, c) TagSyncTM Mobile App which can be used by supply chain personnel for scanning bar codes, reading sensor data, creating trips, and generating last mile actions , and d) Software platform where entire supply chain can be viewed live and industry; & use case specific reporting and analytics are provided.

“At Tagbox, we strive to craft solutions that will help the organizations to appropriately maintain temperature compliance of cold chains, reduce spoilage of perishables and fragile goods damage, maintain pharma and food safety via end-to-end traceability, improvement in asset inventory management and utilization, increase in staff safety and productivity and improve end customer experience. Just after lockdown, with a small pivot, we provided a much needed solution to organizations which enabled them to have real-time social distancing alarms & hotspots, 100% contact tracing of staff, digital attendance & temperature recording, designated zone compliance and mask & PPE compliance records.  This contact tracing and social distancing solutions helped several companies resume their business and minimize operations down-time. Once need for such solution is the over, the same hardware can be repurposed for asset tracking or other use cases in the worksite or supply chain.” states Saumitra Singh, Co-Founder & CPO, Tagbox.

This bootstrapped firm had embarked on its journey in 2016, and ever since then, it has come a long way. From winning Qualcomm Design in India challenge in 2017, making it to the list of top 100 in the Karnataka Elevate Program in 2018, being top 10 in NASSCOM’s Emerge50 list in 2019, CII’s startupreneur winner in IT and Electronics 2020, to Series-A investment of $3.85M from TVS Group, Tagbox has lived it all. The company claims to have deployed more than 25,000 sensors, tracked above 750,000 trips, monitored 6,000+ assets and generated over 1M+ insights and actions.

 “We are fortunate that our initial vision and plans have materialized till now. With the support of an enthusiastic team and state-of-the-art technology, we are planning to diversify our operations into a discrete manufacturing segment where we intend to launch new frameworks and solutions to help companies monitor the intersection of processes, assets, goods, and employees together to optimize the worksite. Currently, we are looking to leverage our 4 year expertise in cold chain monitoring, to assist the government and the private players in COVID-19 vaccine distribution, helping them to monitor the temperature and traceability of the vaccines and ensure that every beneficiary gets genuine and effective vaccines,” concludes Sameer Singh, Co-Founder, Tagbox.