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Plaeto: Customizable Footwear

Plaeto, a new customizable footwear company, has launched in Bangalore with some big names behind it. Former executives from Nike and Apple are among the team who have come together to create this new venture, which promises sports shoes that are affordable and stylish. 

It all started with a letter from a 10-year-old Bangalore child to Ravi, the CEO and Co-Founder of Plaeto, requesting a discount on Nike shoes. Ravi, couldn’t forget this incident which remained engraved in his mind as the child’s request moved him.

This article will explore the startup story of Plaeto.


Ravi Kallayil

Leaving their job and relocating to another country is a big decision for many people. Ravi’s story isn’t different except that he had already made up his mind years before about moving out of America for good- which turned out not just successful but also one with an incredibly happy ending.

When Ravi got a handwritten note by a 10-year-old student in India a decade ago telling him to give him a discount on a shoe because he could afford it due to financial constraints, something clicked inside – “This was too important.” Thus, Ravi quit Nike Innovation and moved back to India to establish Plaeto.

Sara Kilgore

Design is more than just what looks good on the outside. It’s how we interact with the world, and it’s what helps us make sense of everything around us. Plaeto believes that design has the power to change lives, and that’s why they are dedicated to creating beautiful, user-friendly products that make a difference. Sara Kilgore is Co-founder and Chief Design Officer at Plaeto, and she brings a wealth of experience and insight to everything Plaeto does. With her help, Plaeto committed to making Plaeto the best shoes in the world.

Footwear and Schoolchildren in India

Take a walk through any Indian city, and you’ll see schoolchildren walking to class in worn-out shoes or sandals with no protection against the hot pavement. Ravi, who received a letter from a ten-year-old child so he could play, noticed this need and decided to do something about it.

Shoes are an essential part of any child’s wardrobe, but they can often be expensive. As a parent, one of the things that you always want to do is provide your child with the best possible chance for success in life. This means giving them all of the tools they need to thrive, including clothes that fit well and make them feel comfortable. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy their kid’s sports shoes in India. Luckily, Ravi Kallayil has developed a plan to create an excellent shoe for Indian kids at a shallow price point.

He created Plato a decade later, a company that makes affordable and durable footwear for students in India. Plato is filling a vital need in India and helping children to be able to play, enjoy sports activities, stay healthy and stay safe as they learn.

Issues that Plaeto Addressed

Shoes are an essential part of everyone’s life, especially for children. Their shoes must provide proper support and comfort to help them grow and stay healthy. That’s why Plaeto created a shoe brand specifically for Indian children aged 13 to 18. Their shoes are designed to promote foot health and ensure that kids have a good foundation for physical activity and walking.

Plaeto, a new startup company, has gathered data from 500 children to help perfect their sizing for shoes. The data collected includes foot measurements and widths and detailed information on each child’s type of activity. This will allow Plaeto to develop a line of shoes that better meets the needs feet have while performing different activities.

Indian children have smaller feet, and shoes sold in their country are not always proportionate to their body size. With this in mind, Plaeto has created the perfect shoe for Indian children. These shoes are designed with performance in mind, and they are made of superior quality materials that make them both durable and comfortable.

Complex feet

Plaeto emphasizes that feet are a complex part of the body, especially in children. They need to be treated with care and caution to avoid injuries. There are many things parents can do to help their children have healthy feet. One crucial step is to wear the correct shoes for their activities and feet type.

There is nothing worse than a shoe that doesn’t fit right. Whether it’s too tight and causes blisters or too loose and slides off your foot, an ill-fitting shoe is uncomfortable and can ruin your day. But did you know that the pressure inside a shoe also changes depending on how much space it is for your toes to move around? This is precisely what Ravi wanted to explain to the Indian parents. If there is no space for toes to move around, the pressure inside the shoe increases, leading to problems that appear later down the line.

Children outgrow their shoes quickly, which can be frustrating for parents who constantly buy new pairs. Plaeto has created shoes that can be adjusted to fit as children’s feet grow. This means that parents no longer have to worry about their children outgrowing their shoes and buying new ones all the time. Plus, these shoes are made with high-quality materials and construction, so they’ll last longer than your average pair of kids’ shoes.

Final Word

The journey of Plaeto has been an interesting one with a lot of learning. Starting up in India is not easy, and the brand has had to face many challenges, but it has survived and thrived because of its unique proposition and the team’s passion.

Today, Plaeto is a thriving business that is expanding rapidly. They are committed to providing good quality and affordable shoes for children in India, and they continue to grow their business by working hard and listening to their customers. If you’re interested in learning more about Plaeto or want to help support this inspiring startup, be sure to check out their website!