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Sheroes – Women Only Social Platform

If you are an active social media user, you might be familiar with the term “Shero,” which is widely being used on several platforms and talk shows these days. All of the discussions about this term have prompted many social media users, mainly women, to wonder what Shero means and if they are surrounded by any Shero’s in their lives.

If you look into Webster’s dictionary, you will indeed find the meaning of the word sheer, which has surprisingly been around since 1892. The official definition of Shero is a woman who is viewed as a hero. The word Shero was first used in the suffragette movement, where women fought for their rights and demanded voting rights. It is time to rejuvenate the idea of using this word and consider expanding the horizons and criteria it holds. 

About the CEO

Sairee Chahal, the founder of Sheroes – a social platform with numerous opportunities for women – has revolutionized the world of women who wish to seek advice, support, and aspire to become entrepreneurs. She has worked hard to resolve problems pertaining to gender equality in India and has captured the attention of thousands of women across the world. 

Sheroes has successfully formed a global network, enabling women to change the course of their lives by living their dreams and finding support from across the world. Sairee is an Aspen Leadership fellow and the convener of the Sheroes Summit.

Sairee pursued her career while she was still a student at college. She founded Sheros in 2013 and also worked at Heidrick and CII. In 2018, she was ranked 53 on Onalytica’s “Future of Work Top 100 Influencers” list.

Redefinition of Sheros

We see Sheros everywhere in different walks of life; even men can be Sheros. These people not only support women’s rights and capabilities, but they also accept diversity. They push, encourage, and support every woman to be better and do better in every aspect of life. People belonging to any culture, race, ethnicity, or a person of any age can become a Shero. But to be known as a Shero and to officially achieve that title can be challenging because the bar is set very high. 

Anyone surrounded by Sheros should consider themselves lucky and blessed. They can be anywhere – at work, at school, in personal life, at home, etc. 

Social Platform

Sheroes Social Platorm

Sheroes is one of the largest social networking and personal application developed for women where thousands of women can get together to share their common interests, post videos, and connect with other women. It allows you to use a free women-only helpline and get free health advice. It has several features that let you make new friends, get free legal advice, get relationship advice, share recipes, make new friends, get beauty and fashion tips, etc.

Moreover, Sheroes allows women to start and manage their own work-from-home business. You can learn about reselling and earn money by staying in the comfort of your home and work with top companies. Sheroes also offers loan services to women at lower interest rates to open the gateway to many more opportunities. 

Here are some of the key features of the Sheroes app:

  • Free helpline and support with expert advice and guidance offered to women to help manage health and wellness.
  • One of the most popular and top apps for women in India and around the world.
  • The quality of life of many women has improved significantly through Sheros.
  • You can get expert tips regarding your career, health, relationships, etc.
  • The app protects your privacy and does not misuse any information.

Women can be a part of a trusted community where they can remain in touch with expert counselors and share issues confidentially free of cost. They can also receive pregnancy advice and get in touch with moms to discuss any maternal issues. 

Additional Features

Some of the most popular features of the app include the following:

Period Tracker – allows you to keep track of your period so that you never miss a flow.              

Ask Doctor – Lets you connect with a doctor for free to get expert advice.

Personal Communities – You can create, manage, own, and control your very own community to discuss various issues. 

Champions – Look for subject matter experts and request mentorship or guidance regarding any matter.

Referrals – Earn rewards from your favorite brands and invite other women to be a part of Sheros. 

Videos and Posts – You can share anything you want without any hesitation as long as it does not breach our community standards. Get inspiration and appreciation from millions of women who will see your work.

Reselling – Use the free reselling program and earn reward points. You can even earn through selling products at a profit margin. 

Polls – Looking for an opinion or not sure about a decision? Create a poll at Sheros and let other women help you out.

Sheroes is built on the core values of trust, safety, and empathy. It is the highest-rated community app in the world. If you are searching for support and advice, join Sheroes now! 


  • Sheroes has acquired five organizations. The most recent one was Maya on 22 January 2019.
  • The total funding amount for Sheroes is $2.6 million.
  • There are three team members, namely Sairee Chahal, Satyadeep Karnati, and Sowrabh NRS.
  • Currently, nine investors fund the application; HR Funds and Quintillion Media are the most recent investors. 

Sheroes for Women, By Women 

Sheroes has done a tremendous job at providing job opportunities to numerous women. In just a span of two years, the social network gained up to 1 million registrations, and around 20,000 companies signed up to post job listings.

Women started approaching Sheroes for everything, and not just the corporate women. Most of the women belonged to Tier 2 cities in India, including Surat, Aurangabad, and Jaipur. Sheroes quickly become a popular, trustworthy space for women across the world. 


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