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Dunzo: On-Demand Service

The best part about living in a city is the convenience of having food delivered to your doorstep. Whether you are too lazy to go out or don’t feel like cooking, online ordering can be a great option for dinner. The evolution of food delivery has revolutionized our lives. With the world becoming smaller and more connected, we can now enjoy many dishes thanks to services like Dunzo, which allow you to order food with the click of a button.

If you need anything delivered to your door in less than an hour, from groceries to supplies for your new home, or want documents transported across town, Dunzo can do it all.

Growth of Delivery Startups in India

India is the fastest-growing startup hub in the world. With a population of 1.3 billion people, startups have many opportunities to serve this large market with innovative solutions. One sector that has seen rapid growth in on-demand delivery companies.

Despite challenges like food safety and high traffic density, India’s online marketplaces have adapted their business model by partnering with local businesses that offer quality services at reasonable prices. Due to this, on-demand delivery services are rapidly gaining traction as they fill an important need for consumers who want convenience but don’t want to spend more than necessary on products or services.

The Story of Dunzo

Dunzo is a hyper-local on-demand service startup in India. It delivers a variety of products, including t-shirts, food items, etc., and can make purchases on users’ behalf at the mall, all with minimum charges. Dunzo has created an app that allows people to order food, groceries, and other items for delivery within an hour.

The new service promises to drastically reduce the time it takes for customers to receive their deliveries.  Using Dunzo, you can order anything from your favorite restaurant or store without ever calling them yourself. It’s as simple as opening the app or logging on via computer, selecting what you want to be delivered at what time, then paying via cashless payment options like Paytm. And if you’re not sure of what you need? No problem. You can browse products with pictures and descriptions on the app, so there are no surprises when it comes to the time your order is delivered.

Dunzo in present across Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida, and Chennai and has been making waves in the industry.

Founders of Dunzo 

Kabeer Biswas

Kabeer Biswas is a man with the drive to succeed and save people time. The 28-year-old founder behind Dunzo is an engineering graduate from Mumbai University and an alumni of Nasrsee Monjee Institute of Management. Kabeer has previous experience working with Airtel in Sales and Production, while he is also the founder of the Hoppr platform, which was later sold to Hike Messenger.

Ankur Agarwal

Ankur Agarwal, the co-founder of Dunzo, has been in love with technology and entrepreneurship. While working as an engineer, he realized that he wanted to be more than just another employee. He was always thinking about how things worked and what could make them work better. Today, Ankur is the co-founder of Dunzo, which aims to revolutionize how we do errands around town by combining convenience and technology into one package.

Mukund Jha

Mukund Jha is the other co-founder of Dunzo. The idea for the app came to him after he noticed people were ordering food online and having it delivered to their offices. He thought there was an opportunity in this industry. Mukund has also worked at Google, where he grew his knowledge on how businesses are run through technology.

Dalvir Suri

Dalvir Suri is the fourth co-founder of Dunzo. His previous work experience includes an Application developer at IBM India, where he was later promoted as Security and Privacy Consultant. He then moved on to work as the Head of Operations at Cybrilla Technologies before joining Dunzo as a co-founder in May 2015. 

Dalvir has been working with Ankur since 2015, when they first started planning for their startup idea. 

Investors of Dunzo

January 2021 saw the successful closing of $40 million in funding for Dunzo, led by Google and other major players. The leading investors include Blume Ventures, STIC ventures, Moving Capital, 3L Captial, Lightbox, Alteria Capital, LGT Lightstone, Aspada Investment, and Google.

Recent Growth

Kabeer, the founder of Dunzo, recently revealed that the firm’s annual sales had doubled in 2020. Though the recent nationwide lockdowns have proved chaotic for the firm, Dunzo has used the recent COVID-19 Pandemic to its advantage. Due to the lockdown restrictions, the firm decided to cut back on its commissions for its frequently used products to make operations smoother for its merchants.

The attempt to bridge the gap between customers stuck at home and merchants eager to sell their goods resulted in Dunzo’s sharp growth during the lockdowns. Recently, Dunzo has been experimenting with dark stores to aid local retailers, with 10 stores being operated in Pune, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

Bottom Line

Dunzo is a company that provides on-demand services for any task. It aims to make it easier for people to get things done. Founded in India, the startup has been used by millions of customers and has completed billions of tasks since its inception. The name was selected to denote the idea of finishing or delegating work, and it has been embraced by customers who want quick, dependable service.

The platform has been a prominent success in the cities where it is currently functioning. Its eminent role in making routine tasks of its customers easier and more conducive makes it one to watch as demand for delivery services increases exponentially.

No company might compete with them as they continue innovating their product search features by collaborating with vendors and merchants on their app, and at this pace, who knows how extensive their reach will become?