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Canebot | Fresh Sugarcane Juice Operator in an Expansion Phase

Milind is the Co-Founder & Managing Director at Canectar Foods Pvt. Ltd. He began his Entrepreneurial Journey with his spouse Kirty Datar in 2012. Together they have carved a niche in the field of Fresh Sugarcane Juice and have created Maharashtra’s largest chain of Sugarcane Juice Outlets in the organized cane juice sector.

Based on the passion and determination of the Co-Founders, Canectar was selected for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Program for Women Entrepreneurs at IIM Bangalore and is represented by the Co-founder Kirty Datar.

Canebot sugarcane juice

Canebot® is brand of Canectar® Foods Pvt Ltd. Canebot® is India’s largest Fresh Sugarcane Juice operator in the organized cane juice sector as an Agro-based Farm Direct Company, since 2012. The Company was founded by the couple, Kirty & Milind Datar with a vision to revolutionize the Sugarcane Juice.

“One simple thought – If someone could take a cup of coffee and make a CCD out of it; why not Sugarcane Juice? Afterall, its lot more healthy, tasty, nutritious and local produce. It has been a part of our culture and has been referred to in Vedas as a NECTAR. If we could organize this unorganized sector and make it appealing to young generation; it could have a multi-fold impact.”

The calling of this un-treaded path was so strong that they both quit their cushy jobs in IT and embarked on a mission to give Sugarcane Juice its much-deserved position in the world of beverages. through continuous research and innovation.

What we have to offer?

Canebot® signifies the synergy between Culture and Technological Advancements aimed at further developing Sugarcane Juice Industry. To the urban, health conscious consumers; Canebot offers sugarcane Juice in 2 different formats.

  • Manned Kiosks

Canebot operates manned outlets where Fresh Sugarcane Juice is served in utmost hygienic conditions. The offerings include over 15 variants of Sugarcane Juice based blends and smoothies. While corporate outlets are owned and managed by the Company, they are now expanding in retail through Canebot Franchise Model.

  • Packaged Drinks

Canebot recently launched 2 unique Sugarcane Juice Based Natural Beverages in packaged format (GannaPanna™ and Immunity Shots). These are World’s first Sugarcane Juice Based Natural Beverages in a bottled form which has received a tremendously encouraging response from various segments. This could be a game-changer in the beverages market.

Who can benefit from our offering?

Canectar (recently re-branded as Canebot) has Fresh Sugarcane Juice Kiosks in various IT Company’s Food-Courts like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS etc. They have sold over 28 Lakh+ glasses of Fresh Sugarcane Juice so far. After having served Corporates for 8 years, they are now expanding in retail to widen the offerings to young, health conscious, urban citizens. Their packaged drinks have a far wider reach providing millennials with a healthy alternative to sugar laden soft drinks: sugarcane juice in a cool, hygienic avatar.

How will it benefit

Sugarcane Juice is considered to be one of the most healthiest drinks and has a variety of health benefits. By organizing this sector and making the local drink appealing to young generation; they have provided the consumers a natural and healthy alternative to otherwise processed sugar laden drinks and moreover have a positive socio-economic impact in the lives of Sugarcane Farmers. Packaging Sugarcane Juice in natural form have helped them  make it available at convenient locations

Why us?

Canebot now has a proven business model and right technology solutions to scale up. They have standardized & traceable sourcing of raw material. They have an automated dressing plant with a capacity to process over 10,000 kg of sugarcane per day. At the point of sale, they have implemented IOT Solution to track the utilization. This enables them to scale and manage their outlets from remote locations.

Having served in Corporate Cafeterias which are certified by OSHA and HIRA, they have refined their processes to be of world class category. They are currently incubated for growth with Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) under Niti Ayog, Govt. of India Initiative. “We couldn’t be happier than to realize that we have succeeded in bringing this roadside drink to such a prestigious platform”, says the founder.

Kirty & Milind believe that they still have a long way to go. Their vision now is to take this humble drink to global markets. They are confident about reaching there in the near future, through one of their latest innovations, “Fully Automatic Fresh Sugarcane Juice Vending Machine”. They have a Patent Granted for the same and have a working prototype ready. They are now working towards productising it which could be a big revolution in the field of Sugarcane Juice. This would be one of its kind of machine, serving Fresh Sugarcane Juice without any manual intervention.

Contact Details

Email: connect@canebot.com