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Billdesk: The Story

BillDesk is a payment processing company that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes accept payments online. Billdesk’s integrated solutions are designed to help you grow your business with ease.

Whether you need a simple invoicing system, an e-commerce solution for selling products/services, or someone to process credit cards on your behalf – BillDesk has the perfect solution for you at affordable prices.

BillDesk Integrated Payment Solutions offers expert advice and support that will take the stress out of accepting payments from customers. With years of experience in this industry, BillDesk knows what it takes to make sure businesses succeed online.

This blog post will explore BillDesk’s journey and the services that the company has been offering over the years.

The Story of BillDesk

Early 2000

Billdesk Billpay was founded in 2000 and has since been a primary source for banks to provide their customers with an easy way of viewing their bills from home. BillDesk does this by providing the platform on which these companies can advertise this service and allow people to pay invoices remotely.

BillDesk Payment Aggregator

BillDesk offers comprehensive payment methods that span Cards, Netbanking, and UPI. These enable merchants to seamlessly accept payments online through their platforms while empowering digital commerce for both buyers and sellers.

The company continues its efforts to provide better means of transaction facilitation by offering an agile aggregation service called BillPayment Aggregator, which is capable enough not only to process domestic transactions but also international ones with ease.


Billdesk Billpay evolved as the primary way users view and pay their bills from banks or customer apps. When the Reserve Bank of India initiated regulation on bill payments systems in 2015, BillDesk became one key participant with market-leading solutions. They provide ease for customers who want an easier way to manage all aspects of finances without hassle.


In 2018, BillDesk had a valuation of one billion dollars and achieved unicorn status. This is an incredible milestone for any business, especially for one founded just eighteen years ago.


When The Reserve Bank of India issued guidelines to regulate Payment Aggregators and Payment Gateways in 2019, BillDesk was one such company that provided high-performance platforms for consumers due to its deep integration with banks and network access points within the country’s internet infrastructure through hosted solutions to provide an excellent customer experience.

Solutions Offered

Online Payments

Payments have always been a point of contention. From the days when we used cash to buy things to the advent of credit cards and online payments, there has never been a perfect system for paying for goods and services.

BillDesk offers a range of payment methods that are all seamlessly integrated to provide greater choice and convenience. With 170+ available options, users can choose from the best possible solutions for their needs without having any trouble whatsoever.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Subscriptions are the lifeblood of any business. Whether you’re selling a service or product, subscriptions allow your customer to have more frequent contact with your company and lead to higher revenue opportunities. Billdesk allows you to request recurring payments that are initiated on your behalf through multiple payment modes, including:

  • Cards
  • eNACH
  • UPI Auto Pay


BillDesk offers innovative solutions to help your customers enjoy your services. BillDesk has partnered with banks and lenders to offer flexible EMI solutions for your customer’s credit card purchases.

With these easy-to-use payment options at the checkout page, your customers can buy what they want today and pay later in fixed monthly installments without any hidden charges or interest rate surprises.


The Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is a payment system for utility bills and other services. The Reserve Bank of India launched it to make it easier and more convenient to pay their bills, and BillDesk has participated in BPPS since its launch.

The BBPS provides an integrated platform that facilitates bill payments across various service providers such as telecom companies, electricity distribution companies, gas suppliers, and water agencies in a single transaction without any intermediaries.

This enables greater transparency in the transactions and a better customer experience due to reduced waiting times while making payments at utilities’ offices or bank branches.

International Payments

BillDesk is a payment gateway provider and offers a simple and easy integration to accept international payments. With BillDesk’s low-cost processing rates, you can offer your customers an efficient way of making international transactions at competitive rates.

BillDesk also provides seamless reconciliation through their web-based dashboard that allows merchants to monitor all aspects of their account from one location. It also enables them to process invoices or refunds quickly without contacting customer service or filing any paperwork.

In addition, BillDesk provides fraud protection features such as the Visa Secure code, which helps protect merchants from fraud when accepting card payments online or over the phone.

Billdesk and Its Founders

Karthik Ganapathy, M.N Srinivasu, and Ajay Kaushal worked in an accounting firm before they quit to create Billdesk. In those days, people would stay in lines for hours just paying their bills, which inspired them to start the company. The three founders decided to quit their jobs after seeing how bad things seemed with long lines everywhere you went.

Billdesk was able to raise its initial funding from SIDBI Venture Capital Bank. Further investment followed in 2006 when $7.5 million was invested in the company by the State Bank of India and Clearstone Venture Partners. This was followed by BillDesk, raising a whopping $200 million in 2015 from GE and Temasek, while another $300 million Visa investment brought their valuation past the billion-dollar mark.

Acquisition of Billdesk

The entrepreneurship world was recently abuzz with Vasu, Ajay, and Karthik in the spotlight. The three have become India’s newest demi-gods as they sold their company BillDesk that was founded in 2000. Technology investor Prosus NV purchased 100% of the equity in Billdesk for 4.7 billion dollars. The Amsterdam-based company looks to handle transaction volumes of $147 billion in India with this acquisition.

Final Word

BillDesk is a company that has been in the business of providing payment solutions for years. They have grown from being an offline player to offering digital payments and mobile banking services to serve their clients better. In 2018, the company achieved unicorn status, which means it was valued at over 1 billion dollars.

The services provided by BillDesk are becoming increasingly important as commerce continues to grow on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, among others. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about BillDesk’s journey.