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Avaada Energy | Green and Renewable Energy Company in India

Every once in a while, we witness the rise of a new company that captures the industry through its successful innovation and ideas. That is exactly what Avaada Energy has done over the years.

The green and renewable energy company in India is on a mission to develop the largest and highly efficient solar power plants in India for the purpose of energy conservation. Avaada Energy specializes in solar energy and creates a better lifestyle for people through the efficient and reliable generation of green power and reduction in carbon emission rates.

Avaada Energy’s basic strategy revolves around attaining business goals with environmental sustainability and social welfare, producing beneficial results for all stakeholders. Through their effective community engagement initiatives, they are involved in uplifting the lifestyles of various communities throughout India.

About the CEO

Avaada Energy is part of the Avaada Group and was established by Mr. Vineet Mittal in 2017. The term Avaada is derived from two separate words: Ayurveda, meaning science of life, and Vaada, meaning promise. Thus, the company stands firm in its promise of delivering a sustainable lifestyle. Avaada Energy is one of the pioneers in the world of renewable energy and maintains its philosophy of ensuring that they make the world a better and more sustainable place to live.

In 2011, Mittal started the firm’s journey as Welspun Energy and installed a 15 MW solar plant in the Kutch region of Gujrat. The firm has now rapidly scaled up within its years of establishment and has 1000 MW of capacity under operation within 3000 MW of assets under different implementation stages.

Mr. Mittal has always been an inherent risk taker and has paved the way for future entrepreneurs to scale a venture and enter into the competition. Avaada quickly became one of the fastest-growing renewable energy companies in the country in a short span of time. He has always believed in creating new things and solving problems quickly and efficiently. He also believes that humans must examine and take charge of their actions and consequences in life.

Mr. Mittal aims to make Avaada an 11 GW company by the year 2025 as he believes that when you think big, bigger things eventually happen to you and your business. He has spread an inspiring and liberating message for everyone to follow with gratefulness and positivity.

Introducing Avaada Energy

Many people dream of saving the world from persistent problems, such as carbon emission and foul air. We imagine a world where people can live and breathe freely and strike a balance with nature. A world where individuals have equal rights and opportunities, and the sun powers our lives, and the winds uplift our spirits – a world where we never run out of energy through renewable resources. With the mindset of moving towards this world, we  know that we are preserving the earth for generations to come.

The business was founded with a renewable energy vision for the residents of India to achieve energy efficiency and establish huge renewable projects. Avaada has successfully developed some of the world’s largest and highly efficient solar and wind power plants in a cost-effective manner. The company holds one of the largest renewable energy portfolios in India.

Avaada’s vision is to utilize wind and solar energy in India by exploiting the abundance of renewable energy resources. Every project, initiative, and decision resolves around this vision as the company lives to serve its promise.

The company uses advanced technology to increase efficiency at lower costs. Through a dedicated research and development and innovative team, Avaada studies and evaluates the technological advancements and trends of the future and how we can benefit from them. The company stays on top of the list as an organization that provides solutions and services at incredibly competitive prices. At Avaada, the management has an appetite for taking risks and new initiatives to identify and adapt to the latest trends and technologies that help the company to make the right decisions and investments for future growth and development.  

Avaada’s Principles

Avaada believes that its team members are the heart and soul of success because without the team functioning properly, the entire corporation would simply collapse. There are three main principles that the company strictly lives by:

  • Inspect what you expect
  • What gets rewarded is what gets repeated
  • What gets measured, gets managed, and gets delivered

The company is proud of delivering everything according to its commitments which have been possible due to its well-structured and hard-working teams that share a common goal. Avaada is known for its respect within all of its stakeholders, including its customers, investors, government, and other regulatory bodies. As a result, the business has benefited from receiving investments from several parties.

Giving Back to the Community

The core principles of Avaada revolve around providing clean green energy to its customers at minimal costs. In addition to this motive, the social returns take precedence over the returns on investment at Avaada. Hence, every member of the team contributes to the community by giving a part of their salaries to philanthropic causes and projects.

Moreover, Mr. Mittal has also built the Avaada foundation, which works to address social causes regarding green energy, women empowerment, etc. The foundation has been quite valuable in the development of a small grid based on solar power. This grid is currently providing electricity to at least 4000 residents in the area.


For Avaada, every day is a new journey to provide affordable solar power to households in India. They are fueled by their passion for sustainable energy and have the support of their trusted stakeholders. In short, Avaada Energy is a leader in the execution and implementation of clean, green renewable energy in India.



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