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Cure.fit: A Single App to Meet Three Core Customer Needs

People have awareness of fitness, nutrition, mental health, and preventive healthcare. Cure.fit is a start-up based in Bangalore founded by Mukesh Bansal, who co-founded Myntra, and Ankit Nagori, an ex-Flipkart employee observed that people consumed health-related services in silos. There was no reliable single stop solution that met the need for holistic health-related solutions. Through extensive use of technology, they launched a single platform that met the need for a holistic solution that met the need for hygienic food (Eat.fit), physical fitness (Cult.fit), and mental well-being (Mind.fit). The final piece of the solution, Care.fit, offers preventive healthcare solutions through its in-house physicians that leverage big data, telemedicine, and analytics. Doctors are assigned to provide advice on a lifestyle that will keep one healthy on the long run.

Cure.fit differentiates itself by driving home its preventive healthcare philosophy through engagement, coaching, and delivery using online and offline channels. Technology plays a major role in the delivery of all these services. For example, at Eat.fit, demand prediction for orders, menu programming, and food delivery management are machine-driven. Patterns of individual meal orders, choice of cuisine, time of the order, veg/non-veg, high-protein or high-carb, and so on are data points that help predict demand at a unit level. The technology was developed in-house to allocate an optimal number of orders to its transport fleet to ensure on-time delivery.

Similarly, at Cult.fit and Mind.fit, operations are machine-driven to schedule classes and allocate trainers for 400 classes every single day for different exercise formats across different centres across cities. Customer feedback is constantly collected via an app to fine-tune the routines at a further individual level. Trainers have their own apps too. Combining products and services to deliver healthy food, physical fitness, mental well-being, and preventive healthcare solutions through a single app, Cure.fit provides a single, convenient platform that meets all these needs.