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Indiahikes: The Context That Attracts People

Arjun Majmudar and Sandhya Chandrashekarayya founded Indiahikes in 2008 with the vision of re-defining the future of trekking in India[i]. It is the largest trekking community in India, and its website is an authoritative source of all trek-related information. They organise treks, documents new trails, solve local problems of villagers in the mountains, and are conscious about sustainability practices while trekking. The Indiahikes website is the largest database of trekking information in India, and thousands of trekkers use the information on the website to organise their own treks. More than 20,000 people participate in its treks every year.

Indiahikes is focused on promoting eco-friendly treks that combine fun and the highest levels of safety. It invested in safety equipment, processes, and training that ensured that even first-time trekkers felt safe and secure during the treks. Since the founders were also passionate about conservation and sustainability, a separate division called Green Trails was formed that has collected more than 50 tons of litter from the mountains. Green Trails is also involved with local communities and has created model villages in waste management. It has successfully recycled plastic waste and has reduced landfill waste by 60%. Indiahikes works closely with NGOs, the forest department, and the government. They organise treks for individuals, small groups, corporates, and educational institutions. Some of the treks have been offered to students in leading B-Schools as part of a real-time experience where they can apply their learning in a natural environment through specially designed courseware. What attracts corporates or individuals to take part in Indiahikes treks? The pristine environment and the Himalayan mountains are the contexts that every city dweller wants to experience at least once in a lifetime. The customer needs for outdoor adventure, fun, and thrill through safe, sustainable, professional, reliable, and environment-friendly treks get met during the Indiahikes treks. Trust in Indiahikes has been built over the years through referrals and evidence that back the narrative. The functional need for physical activity and health are also met during these treks.

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