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Classifieds ProClassifieds Directory Services Combo Offer
Post Ad in the Classifieds Section + Visitor enquiry form + Reviews and Rating toolJob Postings + BSPF Postings (Buy.Sell.Partner.Funds)Classifieds Pro + Classifieds Directory Services
6 months plan: ₹ 9,000
12 months plan: ₹ 13,200
12 months plan: ₹ 5,00012 months plan: ₹ 15,000
Sample listings pageJob Listings
Download content guidelinesBuy.Sell.Partner.Raise Funds
#For any query, send an email to support@labinmotion.com
Classifieds Pro FeaturesClassifieds Directory Services Features
Ad length: Enough and more space for content-1500 words
Structured Content: Input content that is aligned to what the audience wants
Embed Videos: Embed Videos and images in your ad
Search: Ability to search for any word in the ad. Advanced Search based on Industry type and Services offered
Incubator Search: Institutional incubators and their alumni get high visibility through the “Incubator” search
Discoverability/Credibility: Improved discoverability and credibility when listed through the incubator
Visitor Enquiry Form: All subscription plans have the option of a visitor enquiry form embedded in the ad page
Reviews and Ratings: Option of inviting reviews and ratings from visitors. The reviews are moderated by LabinMotion
A. Directory Listings – BSPF (Buy.Sell.Partner.Funds)
You can post under four different categories –
# You want to “Sell” your products or services
# You want to “Buy” some products or services
# You are looking for “Partnering” with others
# You are looking at “Funding” for your venture
# Post up to 10 entries per user per calendar month

B. Job Postings
You can post job openings in your organization or post jobs as a recruitment consultant
# Post up to 10 jobs per user per calendar month
# Ability to post and edit Jobs
# Jobs searchable on different filters