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Introduction To The Value Discovery Canvas Tool

This course will introduce you to the Customer-Action-Cycle framework and the Value Discovery Canvas toolâ„¢. It is based on the book titled – “How to Discover Customer Value?” and introduces you to original ideas that have been endorsed by leading marketing professors and CXO level thought leaders.

Who Is It For?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Business People
  • B-School Students
  • Researchers
  • Leaders
  • For anyone curious about learning

Course Content

  • 20+ Short Videos (each video not exceeding 10 mts!)
  • Quiz with awesome statistics and leaderboard
  • Online Tool to create personalized Canvas
  • Create upto 3 Canvases per user
  • Ability to edit your own canvas
  • Search and View Canvases created by others
  • Download Certificate after completion of course

What Will You Learn From The Course?

  • Clarity on some basic ideas of Marketing – something no one really talks about!
  • Develop new insights into understanding where customer value resides and how to find it
  • The Customer-Action-Cycle framework – simple and yet profound
  • Role of Value Nodes, Value Catalysts, and Value Criteria in helping discover customer value
  • The Value discovery pyramid and the five-step process of discovering customer value
  • Practitioner oriented – Build your own Canvas

Recommended Reading

It is highly recommended that the participant purchases the book as shown. The book provides numerous examples that will provide deepen the understanding of various ideas.

Here are the links –

Amazon.in – Click here – https://rb.gy/zj6txc
Amazon.com – Click here – https://rb.gy/osehxl

The book is available as a Kindle or Hardcopy edition.

How Will You Benefit?

Here are some of the benefits of taking this course –

  • Insights: Develop deep customer insights
  • Connect the dots: Connect various ideas that will allow you to look at things differently
  • Innovation and Creativity: Promote the culture of value storming, creativity, innovation, and collaboration
  • Build Competitive Advantage: By looking at things differently, you can create unique differentiation for your solutions
  • Create your own Canvas: Use the online tool to create your own Value Discovery Canvas
  • View other Canvases: You can search and view Canvases developed by others based on filters such as sectors, country, product or services, and venture name

Who Is The Facilitator?

S.Parthasarathy is an MBA from IIM Bangalore and has over three decades of industry and entrepreneurial experience. He developed India’s first SaaS-based apartment complex management software in 2008 that has spawned into a mini-vertical. He has written two books – “Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship” and “How to Discover Customer Value?” both published by Rupa Publishers in 2018 and 2021 respectively. He is a mentor with NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, and has delivered talks on multiple topics.