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Examples of sustainability initiatives

6 Examples of Sustainability Initiatives that Inspire

Until a few years back, terms like ‘climate change,’ ‘circular economy,’ and ‘corporate sustainability’ weren’t really popular in India. But with growing concerns for...
ESG investment for beginners

ESG Investment for Beginners – an Emerging Global Shift

The shifting landscape of the business world means new trends constantly come and go. However, when it comes to ESG, it seems that it’s...
Successful startups examples

4 Thriving Indian Startups That Will Motivate You to Propel Forward

If you are looking for innovative startups that have grown into large ventures or startups that have the potential to disrupt large players, India...
Knowledge and tools for startups

Self-Funded Startups and How They Rise to Fame

We are all familiar with the age-old debate over whether or not money can buy happiness. In the entrepreneurial world, you will find people...