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“Lab in Motion (LIM)” symbolizes change, flux, and constant learning. This is very apt to the journey of entrepreneurship and business. This website is dedicated to promoting the entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset can be applied to different environments and can help in thinking and acting differently.

Entrepreneurs start with the idea of changing the world in their own small way and have a narrative to share with the rest of the world. LIM has been started by people who have been entrepreneurs and who understand the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. We are here to help entrepreneurs share ideas, acquire interesting insights from practitioners, reach out to potential customers, access curated resources, build their brand, and provide specific value-added services over time.

S.Parthasarathy is the founder of LIM and completed his MBA from IIM Bangalore in 1994. He has over three decades of industry and entrepreneurial experience. He published a book titled, “Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship – Why Entrepreneurs Do What They Do” through Rupa Publishers in 2018. His second book titled “How to Discover Customer Value” was published by Rupa Publications in October 2021. Partha has a childhood interest in Astronomy and has taken sessions for teenagers on various topics such as the cosmos, creativity and innovation, questioning skills, and divergent thinking. Partha pioneered and built India’s first web-based apartment complex management solutions in India (in 2008). He has also developed other web-based solutions that were unique and exciting.