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Auto Ninja | Mobile Applications for Auto-Dealership Services

The vehicle market in India has been flouring over the years as auto dealers offer more and more vehicles with advanced features to their potential customers. But in order to effectively maintain and sell their vehicles, dealers are looking for digital solutions to ease the process and improve the lifecycle of their brand.   

Every business domain needs to establish and escalate its brand value through web and mobile applications. Apps are customizable, direct, and efficient and encourage customers to remain loyal to any particular business area. And that is exactly what the Bangalore-based startup, Auto Ninja does.

What Does Auto Ninja Do?

Auto Ninja develops various mobile and web-based applications, which are then offered to auto-dealership services as a software solution. In addition to providing services related to insurance and sales, the company’s platform provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to its clients, which facilitates them in gaining higher returns. Hence, it enables organizations to build a strong communication network between them and their customers.

Over the years the company has recruited the most brilliant and tech-savvy minds to develop some of India’s best web and mobile app solutions. Auto Ninja consists of dynamic and young teams with promoters from leading organizations of design, management, and technology (NIDs, IITs, IIMs) in India. The company’s promoters have industry experience of more than 30 years in developing and managing customer engagement and telephony applications.

Auto Ninja primarily focuses on providing customer engagement products to the automotive sector that mainly includes social media and mobile-based applications. The company uses 8 technology services and products, such as Google Analytics, HTML, and jQuery, and 6 technologies for its website development, including LetsEncypt, iPhone/mobile compatible.

Auto Ninja – Products and Services

Since Auto Ninja provides customer relationship management solutions to auto dealers, their products and services are also specific to that market. For instance, their services include campaign management, autodialer, telephony integration, and much more. Some of their products are listed below:

  • Access Box – a car dealership mobile application platform
  • Blink Tag – provides a brand advocacy tool for auto dealers that allows customers to share pictures of the vehicle bought to their social network
  • Ninja CRM – offers a suite of CRM for insurance, sales, service, and much more
  • Emporium – provides advanced sales tablets along with inter-brand vehicle comparisons


At the moment, Auto Ninja is working with over 350 dealer groups spread over different vehicle sectors all over 150 cities in India. The company was founded in 2013 by three members, including Kshitij Saxena and Ashis Nayak to offer SME software solutions. Auto Ninja thrived on the expertise of software coding of the members and focused on creating a software product that would significantly improve the workflow of the auto sector. In 2015, the company funded a $5 million investment from its partners and eventually became profitable in 2018.

One of the founders explained that Auto Ninja focused on the automotive sector for two main reasons. The first reason is that there wasn’t anyone in the market providing solutions to the problems that were faced by auto dealers, especially the ones that had multiple workflows and large organizations to consolidate. The second reason is that auto dealers were one of the earliest adopters who were willing to use software solutions to enable smooth business operations.

According to Auto Insider, the automotive sector contributes 7.5% of India’s GDP, which will soon make it the third-largest global auto dealer market in 2021 with sales reaching a whopping $5 million each year. Kshitij commented that products worth $200 billion are expected to be routed through various dealers in India around the same time frame for the new car market. Hence, the auto industry is well aware of this market boom and almost every dealer is striving to compete in the industry and be prepared during the surge.

Auto Ninja Solutions

The company has several departments, such as insurance, services, finance, body repairs, sales, and spares that work together to cater to a single outcome – to serve customer needs. It is critical for every dealer to monitor every customer’s journey across various departments starting from the point of inquiry and all the way to vehicle resale after its lifespan.

The software product offered by Auto Ninja is used to track this lifecycle with different dealers through its workflow software that is split between service CRM and sales and is offered in the form of a mobile app developed in-house.

Since most dealerships earn huge amounts after selling a vehicle, Auto Ninja offered its CRM service first to the customers and then its CRM insurance followed by CRM sales products. The organization now provides a full CRM solution that covers the entire workflow necessities of a new vehicle dealership.   

Sales CRM

The sales CRM brings together databases of different individuals and departments related to sales through the product. This also ensures the transparency of the sales leads. The sales part of the product also includes the work that is required by the finance department to allow the eventual sale.

Service CRM

Service CRM includes both the insurance and service processes of an auto dealership, which makes it essential from a marketing standpoint. Before Auto Ninja provided its solutions, a list was shared with the call center that included customer details, which was used as a reminder for service and insurance renewal. The Auto Ninja CRM manages and creates customer databases efficiently; thus, leading to reduced customer attrition rates and establishing an organized memory of customers. Many auto dealers have experienced hikes in their sales and returns ever since service CRM was implemented in their operations.


The solutions provided by Auto Ninja not only help businesses increase sales volume but also keeps a track of employee performance for future references. This can encourage opportunities for new learnings and performance evaluation. Auto Ninja CRM is cloud-based software that will continue to evolve and offer product improvements in terms of clearing bugs and new features.