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FlexiBees is a platform that provides high-quality and vetted part-time and project-based talent to businesses via women professionals returning to work. We incorporated in 2017.

Over the past 4 years, we have we have provided talent to 200+ clients, that include MNCs such Unilever, Diageo, Kimberly Clark, P&G, Wipro, IBM, and high energy startups such as Delhivery, Creditmantri, Mettl, Lattukids, Carveniche, Kristal, Avegen to name a few. We have provided talent across a wide range of functions such as Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Technology, Finance, Investment Banking, Content, Graphic Design, Learning Content, etc. Our 18k+ strong and growing pan-India pool is a representation of the women working population, with an average experience of ~7 years across functions and sectors, whom we additionally curate through an extensive selection proces

Founding Team

We are three of us in the co-founding team, friends and batchmates from IIM Bangalore, class of 2008. Between us we had around 30 years of experience working for large companies like Unilever, P&G, KPMG etc and across functions as diverse as Sales, Marketing, Technology, Digital, Management Consulting, Finance, before we started to start-up.

We wanted to solve two big problems. Firstly, businesses today need agile models of hiring that enable them to hire expert talent, quickly and cost-effectively. But they struggle to find this. For example, you could be a startup or a small business wanting to hire good talent but either cannot afford full-time ones, or do not want to commit to full-time talent, or you could be an enterprise wanting to hire specialized skills for projects, or do quick vacancy filling. Both these cases need non-traditional hiring models and access to a pool of high-quality workers who are willing to work flexibly; both of these are unavailable today.

The second big problem is that there is expert talent looking for flexible work options but unable to find them. Chief among these are qualified women who have dropped out of the traditional workforce but are looking for a way back in via flexible options like part-time and remote-working. They do not have many options that do justice to their education and qualifications.

We wanted FlexiBees to be a solution to both these problems. Businesses get experienced talent via agile and flexible models that are affordable, and women get career-building opportunities that help them balance their professional and personal lives.

Our Offerings

Businesses get

  • Quality via our experienced and vetted talent that hits the ground running
  • Agility via our on-demand models, and can scale up and down quickly
  • Cost-efficacy via our pay-per-time-needed part-time and project-based models

Our suite of services include

  • Part-time & Remote Talent for on-going roles: Month on month engagements like with any employee, only for 75%, 50% or 25% of the traditional working day, as per the business’s need
  • Full-time & Remote Talent for on-going roles
  • Consultants for short-duration projects: Hours/milestones/output based models that allow businesses to hire specialized skills on-demand

The functions we provide talent for include Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Finance, Technology, Content Development & Design, Learning & Assessment and the like. Our pool of 18K+ women professionals has representation from across pretty much all functions & sectors.

Our Secret Sauce

Our biggest differentiator is that we take on the onus of end-to-end selection and matching of the talent to the requirement. Our multi touch-point and tech-enabled selection process not only gauges each candidate for a skill match but also for what we call their Flexible working ability that evaluates whether they have the right time availability, family support systems, commitment and drive. This process is a first in the industry and is patent pending.


As a result of this,

  • Clients have to spend less than 10% of the time they would have spent hiring from other sources where they would have to do the screening and selection themselves
  • Our matches are better in quality that result in 65% of our business coming from repeat clients
  • We are able to hire for more complex and nuanced roles like Sales, Marketing, Finance that require a deeper selection

Customer Stories

The first example is of a small but growing start-up. Meet its founder, Uma, she is the founder of an ed-tech startup, wherein they create training & assessments for corporates and retail consumers. They started 2-3 years ago and are trying to expand to the next level. Their two-fold thrust areas are product-design i.e. creation of new assessments, and sales. For assessment creation, they need specific skill-sets which are a combination of subject-matter expertise but also the smarts to structure assessments, and they often find themselves struggling to find such talent. For sales, in a bid to keep costs down they hire freshers and interns, but do not find them up to the task of business development, especially in the mature corporate training space. Moreover, Uma herself handles hiring and ends up wasting a lot of energy in wading through multiple resumes from job-boards or trying to search for the right talent on marketplaces. Often even after having spent the time, the results are not up to the mark. Recruitment agencies are expensive, and she finds it tough to pay for expensive talent as well as their month’s salary as an agency fee.

That’s where FlexiBees comes in. We give her a steady stream of expert talent, who design assessments in subjects as diverse as Communication Engineering, English, Mathematics, etc and we give her experienced sales talent using part-time models that cut down her fixed costs while also bringing domain-specific sales expertise her way. Both are flexible models, the first because it’s designed like a project with payout based on the hours that are consumed, and the second because the starting duration for a new contract is 3 months, to be renewed upon mutual agreement, with business-friendly notice periods. These models give her the flexibility to expand her business with the best talent via cost-effective and agile models.

The second story is of a larger company and how they needed flexible talent solutions. Meet Gaurav, he heads the South Asia business unit for a multinational firm, that manufactures and markets professional products for workplaces. They want to quickly expand into fast-growing markets like India, by introducing a series of products from their global portfolio and adapting new-age forms of marketing for speedy go-to-market. At the same time they face bottom-line pressures with the parent company asking them to achieve these results with minimal increase in hiring spends. One way around this is to test-market, which means creating teams that are agile and experimental, quick to adapt and market new products, before full-scale expansion. It needs flexible models i.e. quick project-based hiring and on-boarding, and talent that is specialised and experienced but willing to work flexibly. It’s a struggle to find.

That’s where FlexiBees comes in. We give them experienced B2B Marketers, Digital Marketers, Brand Managers, Content Developers, as and when they need them. Some of these engagements are project-based but many are roles, for which the contracts have been renewed multiple times and the talent in those roles have become integral members of their team. All of them are part-time and contracted with the company via us, that further helps them optimise their costs. Having this pool of job-ready expert talent that is agile and cost-effective allows them to grow competitively.

Our clients usually come back to us for repeats. In fact 65% of our business comes from repeat engagements. We also ensure we give back to them for their faith in us, and so we help amplify their voices through our client showcase features. These features give us the chance to listen to the inspiring stories and journeys of our clients, and also the opportunity to hear from them on how talent from FlexiBees helped them build their companies. Some of these features are as below –







Every time a client appreciates us, it increases our determination further to keep providing amazing talent and solutions to businesses, especially small and growing ones, that can change the shape of the world with their innovation.

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